A Drug-Free (Natural) Approach in Front Range

The natural approach to asthma focuses on restoring healthy immune function and decreasing allergic reactivity. This is achieved through the elimination and/or control of reactive substances and foods, proper diet, nutritional supplementation, and chiropractic care.

"We have the appropriate knowledge and training
to safely guide you through this process. Your
progress will be closely monitored by proper
examination and with the use of appropriate lung
function studies."
- Tim Wilson, DC

Many who suffer from asthma report improvement by receiving these two drug-free approaches to health. Considerable research documents the link between the spinal column, the nervous system and the respiratory system. This is why so many people have mentioned improved breathing by consulting our office. Drugs may temporarily reduce symptoms but ignore any underlying nerve disturbance and the question remains to be answered; do you have asthma because you are deficient in the drug that comes out of your inhaler?

Countless Causes

Asthma cases seem to be rising at an alarming rate. Some think it isdue to a combination of factors, especially the increase of chemicals in our environment. These days, airtight, super-insulated homes can trap chemicals, molds, formaldehyde and other irritants. Even the increasing use of vaccinations, caesarean births, antibiotics and our fascination with germ killing have been cited. Don't forget about the average American's dairy rich diet and the allergy/asthma component that exists. If these factors were the only issue, why wouldn't all children living in the same house and breathing the same air, suffer equally?

Chiropractic Connection

Your diaphragm is the primary muscle used for breathing. Nerves that control each breath leave your brain and exit the spinal cord in the mid-neck (C3, C4 and C5) area. Spinal problems in this area can have a profound affect on the nerve supply to the diaphragm. Reducing fixations (or less mobile segments) in the spine can help restore proper nervous system control of the lungs and improved function can begin.