Andropause & Low Testosterone:
A Drug-Free (Natural) Approach in Front Range

The number of male baby boomers advancing into middle and advanced age is growing very rapidly. Increasingly many of these men are seeking to remain active, healthy, and strong throughout their lifetimes. Ensuring male hormones, especially Testosterone, or androgen balance, is a crucial factor for creating and sustaining optimal cardiovascular health, bone and muscle integrity, sexual function, and natural immune protection against illness and disease.

"There are usually many underlying conditions
that are causing or contributing to the initial
low Testosterone and commonly resolving these
conditions will cause or allow the body to
naturally restore Testosterone and other
hormones to their optimum levels."
- Tim Wilson, DC

Ask us to evaluate your male hormone levels, and if abnormal, to re-establish the hormonal balance needed to prevent the degenerative process of male andropause. These unsuspected imbalances may be playing a role in the process of diseases’ such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis and diabetes. Evaluating your hormones may be the key to assuring your optimal health and well-being now and into your future.